I am totally booked up before Christmas, but you can still get on the cancellation list! I had a few last week I was unable to fill, so you never..

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It’s getting real! Call or text me now! Let me make your little elves pretty for Santa!

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Don’t wait to book your holiday appointment, I’m filling up fast!

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Losing Blue today hurts. Having clients that are like family makes it all worth it. My babies that I started years ago, they are all so delicate..

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Madra Pet Styling

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Full Grooming for Dogs

This includes bath, ears, nails, pads, sanitary trim, anal gland, and breed standard*** brush/comb/trim. Please call for estimate.Prices quoted are for breed standard size for pure breds; mixed breed prices are determined by size, hair type, condition, and type of groom.***

***most dogs can be trimmed to your liking, we do “custom cuts”!

*Price includes furminator shed-less treatment for short/long double coated dogs.

Madra Holistic Pet Spa Treatment

Aromatherapy Bath – Soothes pets with calming lavender scent

Deep moisturizer / Hot “oil” treatment – Soothes itchy skin and makes coats ultra soft

Teeth brushing/Breath freshener – Doggy breath? no problem!

Hydromassage – Invigorating water massage soothes muscles, stimulates skin

Facial – A very special Blueberry Facial will relax and rejuvenate

Pawdicure – Peppermint foot bath to soothe tired, itchy feet