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We offer full grooming for dogs

This includes bath, ears, nails, pads, sanitary trim, and breed standard*** brush/comb/trim. Please call for estimate.Prices quoted are for breed standard size for pure breds; mixed breed prices are determined by size, hair type, condition, and type of groom.***

***most dogs can be trimmed to your liking, we do “custom cuts”!

*Price includes furminator shed-less treatment for short/long double coated dogs.

Love your pet, hate the shedding?

Madra offers a shed-less treatment for both short and long haired pets. Check out for more details!

We also offer a Mini groom service

$5 – 15 less than full groom price.
This includes bath, ears, nails, brush & comb, pads, sanitary trim, anal gland.


Skunk Bath +$20
Teeth Brushing +$5
Express Grooming $25+
(Express Grooming is completed in less than 2 hours)

Prices Quoted Are An Estimate. All Pets Are Evaluated On An Individual Basis.

*Additional Charges May Apply For Biting/Difficulty, Excessive Coat and Matting, and Long/scissor Trims.

Ala Carte

Dry brush-out per 1/2 hour $30
Nail trim/grind $15
Ear pluck/clean $5
Anal gland $10
Misc. Trimming $10+

Madra Holistic Pet

deluxe spa package
$25.00 in addition to regular grooming price

Aromatherapy Bath
Soothes pets with calming lavender scent

Deep moisturizer / Hot “oil” treatment
Soothes itchy skin and makes coats ultra soft

Teeth brushing/Breath freshener
Doggy breath? no problem!

Invigorating water massage soothes muscles, stimulates skin

A very special Blueberry Facial will relax and rejuvenate

Peppermint foot bath to soothe tired, itchy feet

To ensure the safety and health of all pets, Madra requires that all pets must be current and up to date on yearly vaccinations. Written proof of all vaccinations required.