Extra Services

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Skunk Bath +$20
Flea Treatment +$15
Medicated Bath +$5
Oatmeal Treatment +$5
Teeth Brushing +$5
Express Grooming $25+
(Express Grooming is completed in less than 2 hours)

Prices Quoted Are An Estimate. All Pets Are Evaluated On An Individual Basis.

*Additional Charges May Apply For Biting/Difficulty, Excessive Coat and Matting, and Long/scissor Trims.

Ala Carte

Dry brush-out per 1/2 hour $30
Nail trim/grind $15
Ear pluck/clean $5
Anal gland $10
Misc. Trimming $10+

**To ensure the safety and health of all pets, Madra requires that all pets must be current and up to date on yearly vaccinations. Written proof of all vaccinations required.